If you are waiting for the final kitchen reveal. This is not that post. I promise that will come tomorrow. But just to make you wait a little longer…

It took me a really long time to pick my granite. I went to two separate granite yards three times! Robin and Sonia accompanied me at various times. The indecision was epic. Here’s some of the choices I had:

Of course I went with the River White. It had some nice movement as well as the light background color. The down side was all of the garnets in the slab. You have to compromise on some things I guess. Especially when your supplier is nature.

River White slab I chose:

Once the slab was chosen, the next step was for the measurer to come in and use a laser tool to measure the exact dimensions of the walls and cabinets. We went over the length of the overhang and the type of edge I wanted. Of course, I changed my mind at the last minute. I kept thinking of my nephew or niece banging into the “edged” type, which is the most basic. So I went with half-bullnose.

This also uncovered a problem with the half wall that supported the overhang. It was an inch too wide, which meant that the peninsula part of the countertop would be an inch wider than over the cabinets. I know it’s difficult to picture. It was even more difficult to make a smooth transition to from the overhang to the cabinets. So my contractor had to shave an inch off the half wall. This set the schedule back a little.

But once that was settled, the next step was to template the granite. This is where you lay out the dimensions of the countertops on the actual slab using masking tape. This took me a lot longer than I thought it would. First, I had to drive through DC in rush hour (I didn’t have to, but my TomTom made me. Thanks TomTom.) Next, the granite guy recommended a layout. He said the best thing to do was to make the most uniform part of the stone into the peninsula. At the last minute, I decided that the I wanted the more dramatic part of the stone as the peninsula. We had to reschedule, I had to eat some Pizza Hut, and then go back. Here’s the results.