Disaster! My Samsung, counter-depth, French Door refrigerator is still on backorder! It was supposed to be in the warehouses again this week, but yesterday I got an email telling me it’s on backorder until mid-June! This renovation is supposed to be done before the end of May.

What’s going on, Samsung? Your customer service didn’t seem to know. I don’t know why their agent thought she could surf through the Samsung website better than I could, myself.  Yes, that is the extent of their customer service.

I got way more information from an appliance store guy in Illinois. (It’s a long boring story of internet surfing.) The important thing is that he told me that Samsung is moving its factory from Korea to China and Mexico, and it’s taking longer than expected to get the production line going. Thanks Illinois appliance guy! If I lived in Illinois I would definitely buy appliances from you.

Since I live in Virginia, I have a more limited set of options. I could just wait until June, though there is no guarantee that the model I want will be available then. There is a similar Samsung french door refrigerator that’s 30 inches deep, so not counter depth. This one seems to be more readily available, but it will stick out from the cabinetry, and that isn’t as neat a look. I could also abandon Samsung for Fisher & Paykel, which offers a counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator. But it’s more expensive, and it’s not French door.

I can’t decide what to do! Please help by voting. Here’s a head to head match up of the Samsung and Fisher and Paykel: