So Joanna probably thought she was safe from appearing in this blog since it’s already Tuesday and she took me to the Tile Store on Saturday. She’s not safe from the blog! I’m just lazy.

So while I was looking at backsplash tiles in Springfield-we pretty much closed down the store– the tile guy started laying down my floor tile. It was an intricate process. I asked for a brick pattern for my 18x18in tiles that extends from the kitchen through the foyer and into the powder room. So he spend a good deal of time trying to work out a pattern that looked the most even in both the kitchen and foyer.

By the time I got back, he had made some serious headway in laying thinset and tile in most of the area. Grouting the kitchen and laying out the rest of the tile happened on Monday.

Some things I hadn’t truly realized: the tile is set a few millimeters higher than the hardwood floors because of the plywood they had to put down to create a smooth surface for the tiles. A wooden thresh hold will help to smooth the transition between the two floors. Also, the dark grout was darker than I thought it would be, making the brick pattern very subtle.

The tiling was finished today, as was the painting job. It looks great! But I don’t have pictures of that. You’ll just have to be surprised when you see it in my next post– which will be an event! The cabinets have arrived and are being installed. Tomorrow!

Right now, they look like boxes.