So, I was really happy to see how nice my house looked without a kitchen. And I thought I had a few days to enjoy that before the further decisions were needed from me. This, unfortunely, was not true.

But fortunately for me, my colleague knew how clueless  I was. She advised that the day after demo was when electrical work started, and that decisions about outlets and light switches were being made without me! Outlets and light switches. I had no idea this would make such a difference. It does, I learned after running back to my place.

Outlets can be banked with the light switches or stand on their own, and there needs to be a set every 4 ft. Garbage disposal switches can go on the left or right of the sink depending on what hand you use (I use both!) Undercabinet lights are usually one switch per counter, but sometimes the over-the-sink one might require it’s own switch.

So now I have a plethora of switches. The kitchen and dining area lights have two switches each! I banked outlets with lightswitches where ever I could, so there wouldn’t be too many interruptions in the backsplash. I’ll upload pictures once they look nice.

So that this not a completely boring post. I thought I’d show what life in my living-kitchen-office-former second bedroom looks like.

This is my kitchen island. I still recycle.

 This is the heart of the kitchen, the fridge and cooking center–otherwise known as the microwave.

This is the media center. Yes, I’m watching cooking shows. Jacques Pepin has a nice kitchen.