So, my kitchen was built in the 80’s.  This means the kitchen is completely closed off from the rest of the living space by these little doors:

I don’t know why 80’s chefs wanted to be squirreled away in a tiny little space. Maybe they would throw open the doors with their gourmet meals in hand, all their secrets hidden on the other side. I’m really not digging that. I want to be able to watch tv as I nuke my dinner…. I mean, I want my friends to sit around my granite countertops, perched on counter-height stools, sipping gruner veltliner, while I cook my gourmet meal in front of them on my induction range.

So. The doors are out!

As for the kitchen. Well, here are the pictures. Like the white tile-black grout combo? Classy.  That big green wall? It’s the closet. That’s gone too.

The best way to describe the kitchen is to tell you what appliances don’t work.

Range hood: dead. Refrigerator: dead. The range: works! And it’s not bisque! Which means it’s not original. Original range: dead.